2017 Best Job: Mobile App Developer.
Parallax Academy offers IOS bootcamp in downtown Albuquerque.

CNN has listed Mobile App Developer as America’s #1 job for 2017. New Mexico startup Parallax Code Academy is offering an IOS bootcamp in March to train mobile app developers in just 12 weeks.

Here are CNN’s reasons for ranking Mobile App Developer as #1 Job in America:

  • Median Pay: $97,100
  • Top Pay: $133,000
  • 10-year job growth: 19%

Quality of life ratings:

  • Personal satisfaction: A
  • Benefit to society: C
  • Telecommuting: A
  • Low stress: A

CNN is just confirming what local New Mexicans, Charles Ashley III and Brandon Trebitowski, have been saying all along.

“I have seen how teaching New Mexicans how to code has transformed their lives,” says Charles Ashley III, Parallax Code Academy’s Managing Partner, and founder of Cultivating Coders, which teaches coding in rural America and underserved communities. “At Parallax Code Academy we’re committed to teaching the tools needed for students, working professionals and veterans to create a better, more promising future for themselves, and benefit their communities.”

“I launched my mobile app business while touring America in a converted school bus with my wife and three kids,” says Brandon Trebitowski, Parallax Managing Partner and curriculum development manager, and CEO of Pixegon. “Now, with first-hand experience in the mobile app development business, I can attest to how liberating and rewarding this industry can be. Not everyone is going to be able to run an app business from a hammock on the beach, skiing on a mountaintop or exploring the great outdoors. But the potential is out there, as are strong entry-level jobs for people just starting out in this growth market.”

Apple also released staggering revenue numbers for mobile app developers. According to ComputerWorld:

Apple’s big news this morning...is that it sold an astonishing $240 million in digital content to customers in just one day on January 1, 2017.

Apple also tells us developers earned over $20 billion in 2016, up over 40 percent from 2015. Developers have earned “over $60 billion” since the App Store launched in 2008, the company said.

Decode this information slightly and you’ll see that Apple’s focus on its services segment is paying off – over one-third of the cash developers have generated through App Store sales was raised in the last year.

“We’re excited about teaching how to develop apps in just 12 weeks of evening classes, at just a fraction of the time and money of a four year mobile app developer degree,” says Ashley. “Not only that, but we focus specifically on the tools you need to land a job and start your career.”

Unlike an online course that requires you to find your way through a one-size-fits-all system, the Parallax Code Academy IOS Bootcamp is a hands-on, in-person coding course, with a curriculum developed by tried-and-true coders who have created thriving mobile application businesses. Students are taught by working professionals, in a small classroom setting, which is proven to be a more successful model for education.

For even better measure and a strong localist push, enrollment comes with the benefit of a gym membership at Simms Fitness, and a free weekly growler from Red Door Brewing Company (both located downstairs from Parallax Code Academy at the Simms Building on the corner of Fourth Street and Gold Avenue, in downtown Albuquerque.

Parallax Code Academy’s next 12 week IOS bootcamp starts on March 6 and runs through May 26. Evening classes run from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, Monday through Friday.

About Parallax Code Academy: Parallax Code Academy is New Mexico’s only brick-and-mortar, one-on-one coding school dedicated to iOS mobile app development. As an entrepreneurial effort by New Mexican’s who have seen, first hand, the impact this tech-based skill set can benefit individuals and communities, Parallax Code Academy is dedicated to building economies from the ground-level up. Parallax Code Academy is founded by Charles Ashley III, of Cultivating Coders, and Brandon Trebitowski, of Pixegon.