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                【 发布于:2018-10-08 14:17:19 】


                "Silver 10" sales season quietly more than half, in retrospect, the strong rebound in black futures and cost support to substantially enhance the favorable boost, steel prices rose rapidly. First of all, according to the statistics, the national average price of hot coils was 2978 yuan / ton, 135.2 yuan / ton higher than September 30, 4.8%; the national average price of medium plates was 2663 yuan / ton; 116 yuan / ton higher than September 30, 4.6%; the national average cold rolling price was 3714 yuan / ton; 171 yuan / ton higher than September 30, 4.8%; the national average price of galvanizing At 4040 yuan / ton, compared with September 30, 84 yuan / ton, up 2.1%; in only half a month, the price of all kinds of sheet metal increased by more than 100 yuan, the increase remained at about 2.1% - 4.8%. In terms of hot coils alone, the three leading market prices in Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou have already exceeded the 2,900 yuan/ton mark, which has exceeded previous expectations.



                In the black series, the "super-generation double-focus" still attracts much attention. Influenced by the tight supply of resources, it has been on the upward trend since the end of September, and the bullish momentum in the field has been good. Compared with the thread and hot coil futures, although there is a rise, there is no obvious sign of volume in the warehouse. From the current changes in hot coil futures, the indicators show a slight slowdown in the trend of short-term prices or continued high volatility.


                Steel mills continue to raise prices, Shandong galvanized pipe indeed played a significant supporting role in the market. However, from the market point of view, there is no obvious improvement in terminal demand, as the cost continues to increase and transport costs increase, the market price rose passively, there is no obvious sign of improvement in shipment. Most traders' ordering intention also weakened, and later social inventories showed a downward trend. According to statistics, the hot coil social inventory of 1.734 million tons, a slight increase of 55.9 million tons compared with last week, but still low compared with the same period last year. On the other hand, the survival of steel traders in the later period may be more difficult, the traditional hoarding speculation market has lost its advantage, the latter market traders will continue to sharply reduce the proportion.


                In the short run, steel prices may continue to soar, buoyed by good news and tight supply of resources, but behind the sharp rise in prices, we have to continue to face the power of demand as a "roadblock". Perhaps soon the market will fall into the normal price of price rising - no volume trading - down again. In addition, the subsequent demand off-season is approaching and other actual aspects of the bombardment, have to make the market again appear misty. Whether steel prices continue to soar for a while or eventually fall into a "strong in the middle", the latter price trend still needs to pay attention to the actual supply and demand relationship can be eased. At present, it is suggested that merchants should maintain high delivery and fast forward operation.

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